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What makes West Hills Masonry different?

While we cannot speak to every masonry company out there, we can say that compared to the top 5 masonry companies in Orange County this is how we are different:

  1. Not a marketing company. West Hills Masonry is not based on a marketing model designed for mass customer sales, only to subcontract the work out to other contractors.
  2. You hire us, you get us. West Hills Masonry uses primarily "in-house" work crews, kept
    that way for quality assurance, accountability, transparency, and ultimately to ensure customers get what they pay for.
  3.  We've seen and done it all. West Hills Masonry has been around for a long time. We are truly the masonry experts when it comes to your home project.
  4. A company of the community. West Hills Masonry takes care of its employees and customers, because loyalty and quality of life are important. After all, our employees are members of the local   community too, and we love our community.
  5.  Family-owned, really. West Hills Masonry is family-owned and operated. It's no marketing gimmick, we really are family. 


Does West Hills Masonry offer the cheapest rates?

No. Our research shows that we are in the middle range, yet the highest quality, when it comes to our pricing. In all our years in business, we have never seen the cheapest rate work out for homeowners. Many times we are contacted to fix a particular project because the homeowner went with the cheap masonry company. Just like anything else in life, you truly get what you pay for.

Does West Hills Masonry do smaller home projects?
Typically, no. We have found that rather than use subcontractors, simply referring prospective customers to a select few of our close masonry colleagues who specialize in smaller home projects have saved people more money.

How long will it take to complete my project?
Honestly, this is a tough question because every home project is different. It depends on the type of project such as driveway remodels, paver patios, stone veneer, brick installation, concrete pouring, etc. For example, a driveway paver remodel typically takes 3 or 4 days from beginning-to-end. The good news is we can provide you a more accurate timeframe while discussing your home project.

Who will be on my home project?

You are guaranteed a masonry project manager and work crew who are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. We don't cut corners and do right by every customer.

What is your license number?
License # 920870

Does your masonry company primarily use subcontractors?

No. This makes West Hills Masonry unique in that who you hire should be who you get. While many masonry companies use subcontractors now to complete most of the work, West Hills Masonry refuses to cut corners like this. Some companies will even insist using subcontractors versus in-house crews saves the customer money, yet this is not the case.

How long until I may use my home project after completion?

For many home projects, the answer is immediately. Some may be used the next day.

Are your project managers ICPI certified?

Yes. Every project manager is ICPI certified with many years of direct masonry experience, and is there to ensure each home project stays on time and within budget.

What types of home projects do you do inside the home?

While most of our home projects are for outside the home, some examples of inside home projects include fireplaces, stone veneer, and certain concrete.

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