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"I just have to say how thrilled I am to have my very own backyard getaway now! West Hills Masonry did an amazing job and I can't thank them enough for the work they did. It's nice to know there are still honest, hard-working, great companies out there working for our communities, and these guys are the real deal!"

Heather A., Orange, Ca

"Wow! What more can I say than that. These guys give contractors a good name. Thanks West Hills Masonry."

Hank F., Anaheim, Ca

"Growing up my family always used to barbeque in the backyard. Now with my outdoor BBQ installed with my backyard remodel, I can do this with my kids and family as well. And the pavers add a nice touch."

Casey L., Yorba Linda, Ca

"Great service. Great price. Great Company! Hands down the best pavers contractor in the area."

Neal P., Brea, Ca

"When my husband talked me into a complete backyard remodel, I was quite terrified. I didn't want to deal with the cost, the mess, and the contractor! But Bryan and West Hills Masonry did such an amazing job, and the process could not have been smoother. Everyone is so honest and trustworthy. We were able to get our pool deck and patio paved, with an outdoor firepit with lava rocks...great for those nice summer nights to make up some smores. Very grateful to this company."

Jean R., Anaheim Hills, Ca

"If you live by the beach, then you must have an outdoor BBQ. I was afraid it would cost me an arm and a leg, but that wasn't the case at all. I got the best custom grill and mini fridge on the block!"

Sean M., Newport Beach, Ca

"Looking for drought-friendly options is no easy task for a home. West Hills Pavers made it so easy to go over all my options and incorporate that with my dream home project in mind. We now save 35% on our water bill with the hardscape installed in our backyard. And it looks amazing too!"

 Karen B., Diamond Bar, Ca

"Our pool looks brand new. Pavers offer such a great alternative to concrete; plus its safer too. No more slipping around around our pool now. My kids are safe and happy, what more could I ask for." 

Mary Anne, Tustin, Ca

"Redoing our driveway was one of the best decisions. I was tired of cracked contrete, stained from years and years of oil leakages. Pavers just add so much color and style. I don't think I'll ever go back to concrete. Although, I've seen some of the unique concrete work West Hills Masonry does and I must say it's making me think twice for the future."

Erin G., Brea, Ca

"I had so much unused space in the backyard that it felt like a waste watering all that lawn. Now that California is in a severe draught, I had to do something that both contributed to helping this issue and give me my backyard back! I opted for pavers, and West Hills Pavers came highly recommended. My arbel paverstone looks amazing and all my neighbors and friends ask me who did the work for me. I always tell them these guys are the best, and I'll be doing my future home projects exclusively through West Hills."

Michael D., Huntington Beach, Ca

"I love to garden, so I needed some hardscape to match my beautiful landscape. I called West Hills Masonry and a sales rep came out the next day. He spent over an hour with me answering all my questions. Needless to say, I went with them and I love my backyard. It shows off my garden like never before. Thank you so very much West Hills Masonry."

Debbie S., Buena Park, Ca

"Never would I have thought that I would own an outdoor kitchen. That's right...OUTDOOR KITCHEN! It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving. I play host all the time, watching the game with the guys. Even my wife uses it for the kids and her friends. It's a win-win!"

Adam H., Brea, Ca

"Loving my driveway and walkway remodel. West Hills Pavers offered a fair price for the highest quality work. If you want things done right, timely, and without all the hassles you hear about from contractors, go with this family-owned business."

Christopher A., La Habra, Ca

"Our patio needed a complete overhaul. West Hills Masonry took care of everything from start to finish. I was surprised how little was needed from my end, and they took care of the rest. What's more is I felt confident that it would get done fast, and done right the first time. I was not disappointed. They finished ahead of schedule, and the work was phenomenal. Stunning craftsmanship."

Sam L., Irvine, Ca

"I spent months calling contractors for my block wall. I never realized that it can be pretty expensive. But I knew it was worth the cost because it would last forever, and my wooden fence wasn't cutting it anymore. I finally used Angie's List and found West Hills Masonry. They had amazing reviews, and very fair pricing. They completed my block wall and it looks so good. Very happy with the work and the workers. Thanks!"

 Elizabeth C., Anaheim Hills, Ca

"Like most backyards, we had a good amount of grass. I was hesistant to replace it with pavers, but now that I did my backyard seems so open and usable. The grass looked nice, but this looks way better and I have a patio setup with a nice outdoor table and chairs. It feels like I added a whole other room to my home, but without the heavy costs that come with it."

Jerry F., La Mirada, Ca

"My family had outgrown our home, but we couldn't afford to move. I looked around on the internet and found out about this trend called 'outdoor living.' Basically you add an outdoor, usable room to your home and it's a fraction of a cost than adding a traditional 4-walled room. I jumped on this concept and now have a wide-open space with paver stone flooring. I added a nice patio cover, an outdoor BBQ, and mounted a flat sceen tv. We have the space for our boys to run, play, study, and eat now. And it's all because of West Hills Masonry. So thanks for making our family more comfortable."

Susan B., Chino Hills, Ca

"I not only have a new patio with wonderfully stamped concrete, but I have a place to create new memories with my children. The backyard is part of our home, and we wanted our home to be complete. Best decision for our family."

Natalie T., Orange, Ca

"I wanted to do my part with the draught in California, but my family loves our pool. We called West Hills Pavers to figure out what we could do about this. They recommended redoing the entire backyard to get rid of landscape that was overly water-dependent, and replace it with nice hardscape and draught-friendly plants to truly tie everything in. It was great advice and we couldn't pass it up. Truly great work and very fast. Thanks guys!"

Tim W., Irvine, Ca

"Our old block wall was falling over. After all, it was over 30 years old. We called up several contractors, but none came close to the friendliness and fairness than West Hills Masonry. In the end, the price was comparable to others, but the results were far ahead of anything we expected. I split the cost with my next door neighbor, and we both are very satisfied customers."  

Roger W., Downey, Ca

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